That’s what my story is about…

Today, sitting in a car, I thought about my life and that I don’t know what the future holds. That’s true for all of us – everyone – all the time, but it FEELS more true at some points than at others. This is one of those points for me – FULL of unknown. And I thought…

A lot of people have massive loads of unknowns in their lives. A lot!!! But not all of them have with that unknown the things that I have.

I have hope. Massive loads of hope!!!! – beacause I know, I believe… that whatever the future holds is going to end up being fantastic. It might be hard. It might feel stinky some days, but the end of the story is going to be BEAUTIFUL, and at the end all the parts that felt stinky once will look beautiful too. Somehow. I know that. I believe that!

I have hope. Massive loads of hope!!!! – because I know, I believe… that the way I live and the things I do (whatever they are) will play a role in changing the world. Not the WHOLE world, but maybe one person’s world – or some people’s worlds. I learned that from my parents and my grandparents and my aunts and uncles and lots of other super awesome people… but mostly from Jesus.

I have hope. Massive loads of hope!!!! – because I know, I believe… that Jesus chooses people like me (nobodies) to follow after Him, reaching out to others and showing them hope and love and justice and mercy and grace and goodness and joy and peace

So, while I don’t know the details of what my story is going to look like at any given point past today… I know it’s going to be beautiful

That’s what my story is about… A lot of people don’t have that hope of a beautiful story and my story is about sharing it with them.

Jesus is the hope-giver.
Jesus is the love-provider.
Jesus is the justice-bringer
the mercy-sharer
the grace-extender
the joy-deliverer
the peace-creator.

My story is about showing that to people – being a little instrument through which he delivers his good gifts to people who need them (and we all do).

And that’s what your story is about too. Somehow. And it’s going to be beautiful. Each of us doing our unique part, together.


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