best hometown // everything under the sun!

I have the best hometown.


I love this place.

San Diego really is America’s Finest City. (It’s the official slogan, people! You can’t deny it!)

It really does have EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. (See sign above my head.)

For example, yesterday my bro was bored so being an awesome sister (who happens to love being outside and near water or other pretty places) I agreed to go to Seaport Village and Balboa Park.

Within a few short hours (okay, that’s a weird expression… the hours were all the normal length…) we enjoyed watching…

a man swallow a sord,

a random collection of rescued parrots – chillin in the park,

random street performers (girl in white dress in the back) and observing monks on vacation,

[I love street performers. I always feel compelled to give them money because 1. I enjoy them 2. I admire their creativity and guts!]

pirates making their way through the bay (totally normal),

professional balloon artists – making children’s faces light up :),

adults flying kites on a summer afternoon,

pretty blue water, sunshine, and funny faces,

awesome buildings, random sculptures, and beautiful skies,

AND bumper to bumper traffic (okay, we could have lived without that part).

We then topped it all off with some taco bell …

[I so missed me some taco bell!]

… at which point, I informed Josh that when he wants to take a girl out on a fun and memorable date… this would be the PERFECT day! How do boys without sisters figure that stuff out? He’s so lucky! ;)


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