when you don’t exactly know the answers

Whenever you hit a spot of transition in your life, everyone wants to know “So, what’s your plan?” “What’s next?” “What do you think you will do now?” And that’s normal and natural, but it’s also SO HARD to hear over and over when you don’t exactly know the answers. Sometimes, I want to say… “Well, right now I’m just trying to remember that I don’t have to feel like a screw-up just because I don’t have my life firmly planned out and can’t give clear answers to those questions!” [I’m not trying to make the question askers feel badly here… I’m just being honest and saying things that I’m sure most of us have felt in one transition time or another. And it’s really okay to ask. It just means you CARE. Just don’t be surprised if I say, “We’re not going to talk about that today.” I’m not being rude. I just need some time.] 

Yesterday I sat at the beach with Anissa and my brother, Josh. Actually, we didn’t exactly sit on the beach but rather we spread a blanket on a big rock high above the crashing waves. I alternated my stare between the boats out in the distance, the waves hitting the rocks, and the people on the beach below us. The rhythm of the waves has always been a comforting sound to my soul. It’s like God says to me through them, “I’m still here. I’m still here. I’m still here.” And through the big wide blue-ness of the ocean I see him saying, “I’m big. I’m powerful. I’ve got this.

And as I spewed thoughts, wonderings, and stressful spots in my heart Anissa reminded me of some truths…

God told Abraham to GO but he never told him where; He just told him to OBEY. 

Paul was always thinking he had a plan… trying to go one place but not being able to get there quite yet. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit would stop him. And then he’d end up in another place. And then he’d go somewhere else because he had a dream. It all sounds rather finicky to the “must have a logical plan” mind, but actually what it is is DEPENDENT on God to lead and guide.

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch is an awesome story and one that wasn’t planned by man, at all! It was totally Holy Spirit led from one moment to the next. 

Etc. etc.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t ever think things through or have a plan. But it is to say that when we start taking steps that are motivated by faith and obedience and glorifying the Father, it’s okay to not know all the answers and to just TRUST that He knows what we don’t know and that, somehow, He’ll get us right where He wants us one little step after one little step at a time. (And it might not be in our timing… but that’s another post for another day…)


2 thoughts on “when you don’t exactly know the answers

  1. Well said! Really the Lord just wants us to walk with Him moment by moment. We are kind of in the same situation and know that God has called us to go, but not where we first thought. We will be praying for you and that you will find encouragement in each of those little steps that you do take!

  2. transistions… i’ve been in one or coming out of one, just to go into another one for the last … 7 years? it is a hard place to live. and the Father’s told me over and over again to ‘cling’ to Him. Hold His hand and don’t let go – it’s about the journey not the destination :)
    I’ve had some of my most profopund moments with Abba at the beach. :) Thank You Father for the beach!!!

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