floating around in my mind

I’m sitting on the couch in my yoga pants and a t-shirt, sipping coffee. It’s 10am. And that – my friends – is glorious. My recent days have started early and ended LATE. 16-18 hour days. I’m. so. tired. But today is our “break” day. We (the teachers, 30 volunteers, and 250 students) are going on a “trip” this afternoon and evening. But the morning is mine. And I am lovin’ it.

I have a lot of stories and I’m learning a lot of things, but as I sit here with time to write… I’m not sure what to share. Blogging is kind of a funny thing. I try to be somewhat transparent with my life and learning but that can only go so far for a few reasons. 1. My life involves other people’s lives and much of my learning comes from interactions with them. It’s not my place to be transparent on the internet for the world to read about other people. Sometimes, I write down stories and lessons learned to share later – when it’s not so obvious where it’s coming from. 2. Living on this side of the world requires filtering of stories. I can’t just lay it all out there. If you know what I mean.

Today, most everything I would LIKE to talk about lands in reason 1 AND 2… so I can’t. But maybe later. In the meantime, here’s a little numbered list of bits of what’s floating around in my mind:

1. I was up last night talking to my bro till 2am. That’s so much better than up working until 2am which is what I’ve done almost every other night this week. Plus, I slept till 9!!!

2. The next 5 days, being the 2nd session of our 11 day program, should run fairly smoothly. Although, I just found out yesterday that I’m in charge of organizing the closing ceremony. — Things someone should have told me sooner. Welcome to my life. The good thing about that is… I can control the length and make sure it’s SHORT.

3. I’m being reminded how important it is to encourage leaders because there are always people who find ways to discourage them. A positive comment after having to listen to negative comments is like ice cream on a hot and humid day!

4. It is absolutely UNREAL to me that a week from now, I will be in the states.

5. Whenever I have the chance to chat for a few minutes with one of my bffs they ask me how I’m doing with preparing to leave… My answer is always, “Who has time to think about it????!!!???” But when I stop and do… It’s a roller-coaster of emotions.

6. For several hours last night (because I had FREE TIME) I looked at graduate programs around the US. I’ve been thinking about doing another degree. (Seriously?!?!?! Someone tell me I’ve lost my mind.) I had one in mind but a conversation with one of our volunteers who is in the field I am looking at encouraged me to look into a slightly different direction. So, I did. And I’m intrigued. I don’t know yet what is going to come of all of this but I’m excited about POSSIBILITY.


2 thoughts on “floating around in my mind

  1. 1. I’m excited about the possibilities of your life too
    2. I love that you will be Stateside bc La Jolla misses you…
    3.You’ve lost your ever-lovin mind!!!
    4. Sometimes I think about getting a Masters for real (that was a confession)
    5. Your number 1 made me miss MY little bro….
    6. I will stop asking you how you feel about leaving….I imagine its obnoxious by now! haha :)

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