in between | What God does there…

Last year, I wrote about the in between I was living in.

I said:

Then a year later, I’ll come home for some more in between. Then, likely, I’ll go back again and then… I don’t know! But, I do know… there will be more and more adventures, filled with transitions and in betweens. Countless ones.

It’s never the end. Because no home I settle into will ever be HOME. There’s a heavenly city that I’m heading towards, living for… I will not be satisfied until I get there.

“For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” ~ Hebrews 13:14

It’s a year later and in 2 weeks, I’ll be going back to the states. But that “likely” part has changed. I’m not coming back after the summer. But I was right about the rest… there WILL be more and more adventures, filled with countless transitions and in betweens.

I’m in between today. I’ve said most of my goodbyes already (though the hardest of all is coming up in 2 days) but my biggest job of the year is taking place for the next 12 days [the program I’ve been working on for months now].

Then I get back to the US, and again… in between…

There’s so much to do before I can really settle into life there. Visit family. Get a phone. Buy a car. Find a place to live. Oh yeah, and GET A NEW JOB!

I’ve been thinking about all the lessons to be learned about trust and faith and dependence… I remembered a post over at Sit a Spell a few months back when Heather shared from Deeper Walk, a Relevant Devotional Series. It’s so good. It’s so true. It’s so where I am today and where I’ve been so many times before. So, I will reshare her sharing.



There’s a place between here and there.  A piece of ground in the middle of take-off and landing.  A section of the unknown within beginning and ending.  You probably find yourself there from time to time.  It’s the land known as Inbetween.

Inbetween is one of the most rugged places in life.  You aren’t fully here, and you aren’t fully there.  Your emotions and hopes are strewn across an endless list of possibilities.  Door knobs of wood, brass, and silver line the path, but which will open?  In the land of Inbetween, the paths are lined with sealed envelopes and foggy dreams.  Excitement runs forward and fears hold back.  And if you stay long enough, you feel the tremors of  your soul.

The land of Inbetween is downright scary.  It’s a place of blind trust.  It’s where the pedals of faith meet the narrow road of fortitude and where movement is demanded though there’s no place to go.  The worst part of this land isn’t the uncertainty or frustration that accompany it – it’s that God likes it when you’re there.

While He’s no sadist, God loves the land of Inbetween.  He loves what it does to us.  He loves the humility and dependence it creates in our hearts, so He creates innumerable forks in life’s road that swerve us into the land of Inbetween.  The unknowns of job, marriage, children, and home are the signs of this uncertain land.  At times, people are thrust into Inbetween by mishaps, accidents, sudden deaths, and even unexpected fortune.  Some people visit so many times they begin to wonder if it’s life.  And they aren’t far off.

So what will hold you steady when you walk through the terrain of Inbetween?  A recognition that Inbetween is God’s design.  In one miraculous moment, the Creator of the universe placed you in the greatest Inbetween of all time – the place between the earthly creation and eternity.  Life’s smaller lunges forward and backward are merely postcard reminders that there’s something greater than this place we’re visiting.

If you’re in your own land of Inbetween, remember that God was the original designer of this journey.  You can get mad, scream, and even pout if you want. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’re merely passing through.  Everything else is Inbetween.  (from Deeper Walk, a Relevant Devotional Series)

Sigh. “He loves what it does to us.  He loves the humility and dependence it creates in our hearts…” Remembering that. Holding on to that. God changes our hearts in the land of Inbetween. I’m ready to be changed as I remember that it’s ALL in between and the lasting city will be my only ever-lasting home. That’s what I’m living for.

2 thoughts on “in between | What God does there…

  1. Shanda! Are you returning to CA or TX? I have loved following your adventure this past year! What a blessing you’ve been to so many! Joyfully, Ashley P.

  2. “Excitement runs forward and fears hold back. And if you stay long enough, you feel the tremors of your soul.” That was my favorite part…..holy night

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