packing | LIFE

Tonight, as I was packing, I thought to myself… “It’s amazing how much LIFE can fit into a few suitcases.” If you haven’t gotten the memo, I live in Asia… but only for 15 more days. At that point, I’ll be heading back to the States and into the unknown. My mind and heart are spinning with thoughts and wondering and emotions. I wish I had time to find the words to express it all to you. {But even if I had all the time in the world, I’m not sure I’d ever find all the words.} The next 15 days will be busy, but I’m going to try to squeeze in some writing/blogging. [It’s good for me.]

I also thought about how much isn’t fitting into the bags. The important stuff. The people. The smells. The sticky air. The terrible weather. The language. The food. The friends. The hugs. The love. The laughs. The tears. That’s my LIFE

The suitcases and the stuff they contain are minor details. Inconsequential really. I mean, there’s some stuff I like and I’d be sad to lose. But it’s stuff. It won’t last. It’s really not my LIFE

While I’ve been on this side of the world, I gained a new family.

Some of them left yesterday. Some are leaving in about 36 hours to head to another city.

I will miss them. SO. Much.

We’ve shared so much life together. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of good. Lots of bad. Lots of ugly. And we still love each other. Amazingly enough.

I know I’ll see them again. Almost all of us will be at a wedding in November. Some of us are hoping to meet up at a conference in September. But we’ll never all LIVE LIFE together again. We’ll never sit in a livingroom together for fellowship every Sunday morning. Etc.



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