3 beautiful moments//the hilarious kind

1. The other day Britt, Ash, Josh (bro), and I were walking on campus and ran into a group of 4 guys. We started talking (not in English). They wanted to know if we could understand. We can understand – some. They wanted to know if we could understand local dialect. We can’t. A couple of them knew a little English. So, using some of each language we walked and talked. They asked the usual questions. “Are you teachers or students?”  “What country are you from?” I asked them questions. And then they said something was beautiful, but I didn’t hear what. So I asked. Several times. “What is beautiful?” I thought they were talking about America, or the lake, or flowers… but as I was looking for clarification they just kept saying different words for beautiful – as if that was the part I didn’t hear/understand. The rest of my group was a bit ahead of me and these 4 random Asian dudes. Ash was saying something to my bro and laughing… Then she turned around and said, “You!!!” At the same moment I realized what she was translating to my brother and I said (apparently dramatically), “OHHHhhh, ME????????” As I pointed to myself and then laughed hysterically. They did too. I felt like an idiot and I will NEVER live that down. (So, I might as well blog about it.)

2. The next day, while we were eating lunch near the doorway of a little hole in the wall (and they’re all hole in the wall) restaurant and a mother and daughter walked in and came straight to me and the mother asked if she could take a picture of her daughter with me. “Yes. Okay.” And she snapped away and said, “So beautiful!” And the daughter acted shy but excited. And Josh (bro) said, “That’s different!” And we said, “Yeah, that’s pretty much our normal.

3. Yesterday, he had his first experience with having HIS picture taken with a random stranger. The girl even told him his picture was worth the equivalent of about $5. (That’s a good price!) They took lots of pictures with me too, but didn’t tell me they were worth money. They just said beautiful about 33 times, which I thought was hilarious considering I overslept, got ready in 5 minutes, and was sweating buckets!!!


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