today included but was not limited to

Today included but was not limited to:

  • sipping coffee while the reading words of Isaiah
  • listening to “Farther Along” on repeat
  • going to get food from “the fried rice man”
  • watching Modern Family with my “family” and my brother
  • doing work for an online course I have to take
  • having my hair straightened by a friend
  • straightening the hair of my friend
  • holding my favorite baby
  • reading When Helping Hurts
  • going to the eye doctor about my most recent contact prescription being wrong only to find out that he labeled them “rigt” and “lift” when he meant “lift” and “rigt” (I should have known.) (But how cute that he TRIED to use English!)
  • having a dinner with my girls that almost made me cry at about 7 different moments.
  • being the late arriving character at a murder mystery dinner where I played the role of a feng shui decorator of a rich old man.
  • playing my favorite game – psychologist. (If you’ve never played with me… we should play!!!)
  • going out for street food and milk tea at 10:30 at night.
  • saying, “oh my goodness!!!!!!! there are STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • making everyone walk up to the roof to look at the stars!
  • writing a goodbye letter to one of my girls and weeping over the pages.
  • enjoying some brother friendship (see picture)

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