Josh is here! // AND she MEANT IT.


Ashley, Brittany, and I went to the airport to pick him up on Thursday night… Well, actually Friday morning (since it was after midnight.) We made him a sign:

and all the local people were VERY interested in it as we waited. I kept explaining to them that it was for my little brother who was flying in from America. They were all very excited for me! :) Our driver clapped when I told him.

This is me saying, “GIVE ME A HUG!!!!”

It’s been chaotic around here, but I’m loving having my brother added to the mix of things. Students are taking exams. [But not ours, oral exams ended last week.] So while they are busy, we’re all taking a long awaited trip to a city we all like to “get away” to. We’ll relax and eat at our favorite western restaurants one last time (before we head back to the states where we don’t call them western restaurants) and sit in Starbucks or at Grandma’s Kitchen and work on grades, summer program planning, and an online class we’re all taking. AND Josh, Ash, and I are going to SPLURGE and do something really cool that I’ll tell show you about later. We’ll be back on Wednesday, when students lives are calming down just a little bit and we can squeeze in quality time with all of them before they head home. I’m getting text messages constantly from students/friends who want to give me something, tell me something, eat with me, etc. I love it! And I wouldn’t have it any other way… but the goodbyes that are coming up are going to emotionally exhaust me like nobody’s business.

Josh got to meet “my girls” today… and a whole lot of other people too. Everywhere we walk we see people I know and they are often SOOOO nervous to talk to him. He finds that pretty weird being that he’s usually the more introverted one. He’s doing a great job trying to make them feel comfortable. I’m a proud sister. (Not that I wasn’t already.)

For a while now, Brittany and I have had a standing weekly lunch outing with two of our precious friends (a girl and a boy). Today we had dinner with them so they could meet Josh. We will see them again, but just in case, the girl gave us letters and gifts tonight. Her letter is now tucked into my Bible… to keep, forever.

As I read it over dinner, it took a lot of effort not to cry. The first line about did me in: “Praise the Lord! Let me meet u and Brittany.” PRAISE THE LORD! Yeah. She said that. AND she MEANT IT. She also said, “You are the people who give me confidence and the deepest memory. U are my forever friend.” and “I can’t speak out ‘Goodbye’ for your guys. That’s will make me cry.” and “I will see you one day again, the days are not so long.”

So what I’m getting at here… 

  • The roll I was on with blogging has clearly hit a bump. I’ll probably be sporadic over these few weeks.
    • But I AM in the middle of writing a post about Chapter 3 of When Helping Hurts I hope to get up soon. (But I’m not going to tell you when because I’m not doing a good job at that right now.)
  • It’s super fun to pull Josh around to meet my students and friends. He seems to be enjoying it too!
  • It’s difficult to say goodbye to people I love, a lot!
  • Emotional exhaustion is going to be a part of my life for a while I think.

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