pictures say a lot | my “little” brother

I like pictures. They say a lot. Ya know? Yesterday was my brother Ben’s birthday. He turned 25. I wanted to write something about him, because that is what I do… I thought it would be a good idea to include a picture. So, I went to facebook and clicked on our “friendship page” and we have 17 pictures tagged together. I laughed. Like I said, pictures say a lot. So I decided that rather than describe my brother and our relationship, I’d just share the pictures…

So that’s us.
Me and my “little” brother, who hasn’t been littler than me in a long long time.
We have fun. Even though he chokes me.

I remember when he first got to be taller than me. I would be standing at the mirror in the bathroom doing my hair or makeup and he would come in and stand there tall and proud, checking out his tallness in the mirror and then would look at me and say, “Sup Shorty!?”

I think he’s a pretty cool dude. He’s made the past 25 years an adventure, for a whole lot of people.


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