4 glimpses into 48 hours

1. I was really kinda worried about George’s final. If he failed the final, I’d have to fail him in the class because of his other grades and that would just destroy my heart. So when I realized last night that George would be taking his final today, I started praying! And guess what! He did a GREAT job! For the final my students basically have to have a conversation with me about a topic we have covered in class. For many of them, it’s a breeze but for some… It causes heart palpitations. I had to ask George lots of questions to keep the conversation going but he understood them all and responded appropriately, though briefly. I was so proud I wanted to give him a big huge bear hug. Instead I just told him I was proud of him and his effort and progress.

2. Then there was Stone, the only other boy in George’s class. When he was leaving today I said, “Stone! Come here.” He came to my desk and said, “Yes?” I smiled and told him, “You have done a very good job this semester. You worked very hard and your English has improved a lot! I am very proud of you!!!” His face LIT up and he said, “Ohhh… Thank you teacher. I will send you a message.” – and he pointed to my email address on the board.

3. A while back my friend Scott asked a bunch of us a question: “If you could suddenly be REALLY good at one thing… what would it be?” He gave an example: “Like, I can’t sing. I’d like to be able to sing, but I can’t learn to sing. So that’s what I would pick.” So, I knew my answer. “I’d be able to play sports!” My other choice was “play guitar” but I’m musical enough to be able to learn that someday. I’m naturally uncoordinated and stink at playing sports. It’s been that way for 28 years and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to change apart from a MIRACLE. I don’t really like that about myself, so if I could… I would change it. Since then, Scott has apparently decided he needs to help me accomplish this “goal.” I think he misunderstood. It’s not a goal. [I’m not a fan of setting unattainable goals to torture myself.] It’s a fantasy. Ha. But, I let him give me a short little basketball lesson the other day. Maybe… maybe… someday, if I had a LOT of time on my hands and a very patient person to help/make me do it… I could learn at least a little bit??? But I still mostly doubt it. It’s humorous to try though.

4. I told Brittney that she’s weird. I tell her that often. Because she IS weird. She doesn’t like it and insists that I justify her being labeled such. She says, “Weird is how you describe creepy people!” Then later she said, “Well, two hoots to the wind.” Really? Do we need any more reason for calling her weird???


2 thoughts on “4 glimpses into 48 hours

  1. “When it comes to God-sized Dreams, you might get the next step. You might catch a glimpse of the vision. You might know where you think you’re going. But then…

    Our big, mysterious God shows up and you realize you don’t have a clue. His ways are beyond figuring out. This doesn’t mean you’re missing something, doing it wrong, or are wrong the path. It just means He’s God and we’re not.”


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