an almost promise

Things have slowed down over the last couple weeks in this little space of the internet I take up. Life turned into a whirlwind of ALL sorts of LIFE and WORK and LEARNING that doesn’t leave time for writing about LIFE and WORK and LEARNING. But, I feel like I’m finally getting a bit of a handle on things… So, I’ll be re-appearing in a more steady sort of way again in the days to come.

While I haven’t had time to WRITE about When Helping Hurts yet for Chapter 2 or 3, I have read 2 and am working on 3. I’ll have Chapter 2 blogged about by tomorrow. That’s an almost promise. [I’m saying it here so I’ll really do it.] I’ll blog about Chapter 3 by Wednesday. That’s less of a promise than the first promise but I’ll try really hard. :) AND if you’re reading and blogging through it… Don’t let my lack of blogging stop you!

In the meantime, I must sleep. I would be doing that already but my brain wouldn’t stop twirling and swirling and whirling and curling and … It wouldn’t stop.

See you soon! With real thoughts about real things!


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