8 slices of what’s up

1. I have a new sister. If you love Jesus then you do too! I’m so very excited! It’s amazing to be a part of God changing hearts!!!

2.  My BABY brother graduates from High School this week and I won’t be there because I live on the other side of the world. I’m pretty bummed that I don’t get to see him in his cap and gown among a sea of other caps and gowns…

3. BUT a week later he’s getting on an airplane and flying from California to his sister, so I try to just focus on how EXCITED I am about that and then the bummed-outness usually fades away.

4. My first time overseas I was 20 years old and I went to another part of Asia. I spent a month teaching 8 year old kids and it changed my life, forever. I’m really excited to see what 6 weeks in Asia does to my 18 year old-about to go off to college-little bro.

5. Have I mentioned before that I’m REALLY excited that my bro is coming to Asia?

6. In 7 weeks, once I’ve recovered from jetlag, I’m spending a day reading at the beach in San Diego – several of them actually AND I’ll see a whole bunch of people that I love. AND I may or may not be going skydiving (it’s a bit up in the air). And I AM going sailing. And I’ll go to a book store that is FULL of English books and I’ll flip through their pages and smell the new book scent… and then I’ll probably cry with a mixture of joy and “Why am I in America?” feelings.

7. I won’t buy any books because I have a lot waiting in boxes that I haven’t read yet AND I just bought 12 books on Kindle (for a total of only $21) because they’re having a super awesome sale on Amazon for Kindle books! (If you have a Kindle, you seriously should look through the 600 books on sale for less than $2.99.) [I recommend Pagan Christianity for $0.99 — I’m reading it now, sort of, and I bought it before it was on SALE. Woops. — A Thousand Sisters for $0.99 — the book about women in the Congo I told you about before.]

8. With all these new books, all I want to do is read… too bad I have lots of other things I need to do this weekend… BUT it is a long weekend. Monday is a holiday here! So, I’ll do SOME reading and I will be a really big nerd about it. (And before long I’ll have LOTS of time to read!!! :) 


2 thoughts on “8 slices of what’s up

  1. I REALLY really REALLY hope we get to see you this time around!!! I was SUPER bummed we missed you last time!! Maybe we (we including the Davis’, You, Webster’s, and Keys’) can do dinner or something!

    • Hey! Yes!!! We will absolutely do that!!! I will be there for a month or so… and it’ll be more chill than last time! I’ve already talked to Rachel about doing a party or something! :) AND I can even come your way! I need to spend some good quality time with you and the kiddos! :)

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