Sunrises and Sunsets

I just fell asleep for a few minutes and had the most vivid dream. Someone woke me up during it so I can’t remember it all but I was in a place that was weird mixture of San Diego and Asia and an Asian old man was taking me onto a sailboat. The most GORGEOUS sunset was occurring. He told me that if we got ON the boat at sunset and we went out a certain [far] distance from shore and then I fell asleep in the middle of the boat and woke up at the exact moment the sun was rising, all decisions in my life would be instantly and perfectly made.

I will now analyze my dream: 

  • I love San Diego.
  • I love Asia.
  • I want to go sailing.
    • hint hint to my sailing friend, Mike. ;)
  • I need to sleep.
  • My life is full of decision making right now.
  • I want decision making to be easier and more instant than it is.
  • I think Sunsets and Sunrises are magical.

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