insane week

Stream of consciousness… go…

It has been an insane week. Seriously. We’ve been droppin’ like flies with sickness of various levels from: “I can’t leave the house without a lot of kleenexes.” to “I can’t be too far away from a toilet.” to “Please take me to the hospital right now!!!” [Britt is there for the 3rd time this week with kidney stones.] Kidney stones are never fun. I haven’t had them. I hope I never do. But I’ve watched people have them and I’m watching again and I hate it. I want to fix it. But all I can do is play with her hair, fill up her water, sit with her and watch Friends, and laugh with her [/at her when the drugs make her really loopy]. I can tell you from experience, the hospitals here are not the most comfortable places in the world. But I’m very grateful for my roommate, who seriously should go into medicine because she rocks at it, and for her stepdad who is a great doctor in the states and has been very helpful over the phone.

Mix in with all of that birthdays, 5 visitors from the states, the normal teaching, language class, friendships…
But also add running from place to place, tired all the time, feeling like there’s no time to just BE, or to be alone…

When you live in a country with THIS many people… And when your skin color makes you an automatic celebrity everywhere you go…
It’s hard to ever just BE.
I just want to sit with Jesus and process life. But it’s hard to do that always only in my own bedroom.
I long for pretty places. Quiet places.
Even my room is filled with NOISE.
And everywhere I go… there are PEOPLE.
And I love people… but oh…


It is so good. It really is.
It is so hard. I could cry at any given moment.
It is so confusing. I just don’t know……..

I so need Jesus.
I am more aware of that everyday.


3 thoughts on “insane week

  1. 1.I love you times a million. (but you know that)
    2.I think you’re an amazing friend (you knew that too)
    3.I’m so proud of you for enjoying the moments you’re in (you will be sitting with me at La Jolla before you know it)
    4.Your heart is being refined (not helpful….I know, bc mine is too)
    5.Jesus is going to completely captivate your heart again and it will overwhelm you…and pour out of you so freely…(oooh THAT you will love!)
    6.Your friends ARE praying for you. (You needed to hear that…even if you do already know ;)

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