PS Stop makin’ me feel so OLD!

It’s May 20th. 5-20. Here you can say wǔ èr líng. It sounds like Wǒ ài nǐ. I know, it doesn’t really seem like it sounds very similar, but the tones are the same so they think it does… and because of that May 20th is a special day. You see… “Wǒ ài nǐ” means “I love you.” So they say that this is a day that you should express your love. I think that is very appropriate because May 20th has been a special day in my life for 18 years now a day to express my love for one particular person, who I happen to love very much.

Little Brother
(Whatever you want to call him.)

18 years ago today, he was born. Last year on his birthday I wrote a post about how the day he was born my life got a lot better. It’s still true. He delights me. I love him. A lot.

We’re pretty different, Josh and I. I’m a girl. He’s a boy. I’m old. He’s young. ;) I’m kinda loud sometimes. He’s pretty quiet most of the time. Although, he certainly can let out a pretty good laugh on occasion… though it doesn’t get as loud as me as often as me. I’m pretty outgoing. He’s more reserved. I like books. He likes skate/surfboards. He plays drums. I sing in choirs. I paint (or I used to). He pole vaults. He gives really thoughtful gifts. I write thoughtful notes. Last year when I was home on his birthday I filled his room and bathroom with balloons while he was sleeping, and even put one in the toilet. I thought it was HILARIOUS. He liked the balloons in his room, though he’ll tell you he thinks it’s weird… but he was FURIOUS about the toilet balloon. He still gets kinda mad when he thinks about it. I still laugh. I love coffee. He thinks it’s disgusting, but does love red bull. I think red bull is disgusting. I could go on.

We’re also pretty similar. We both love to laugh and a lot of the same things make us laugh. We both like to go to the beach. We both like to watch the seals at La Jolla Cove. We both love music. We both love Jesus. We both can sit and watch youtube videos for hours at a time, and we do together… whenever we’re together, and sometimes even on skype. We both love to travel. We both love people. We both like to learn. We both want to glorify our Father. I could go on.

I love all of that. It’s so fun to be a sister. I love that we have things in common, but I also love love all the ways he’s different than me. (Seriously, did you read that part? He’s WAY cooler than I am!) I love that we learn from each other. (Like, I learned that I should not put balloons in toilets…. and he learned that maybe he should get over it when someone puts a balloon in the toilet.)

And do you want to know what I really really really love? In less than four weeks… HE IS COMING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’ll get to share this life with him. And I’ll get to enjoy all that is MY – not so little – littlest BROTHER.

Dear dìdì (little brother), 
I am so very proud of you! I know you didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, but thanks for being my brother. I didn’t have much choice in the matter but if I could have chosen who my 2nd brother would be, out of anyone in the world… It would absolutely have been you!  I can’t wait to see you soon! 
Wǒ ài nǐ.
Your Jiejie (older sister)
PS Stop makin’ me feel so OLD! 

OH, and PS to the rest of the world. Don’t call him Ua. He doesn’t like it. But sisters are only encouraged by such things, ya know? :) 


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