to heal OUR hearts

Tonight I read through part of Luke with some of my friends. One of the girls asked, “Why didn’t Jesus heal EVERYONE? Why did he go away to pray when he could have spent that time healing people?” Before I had time to answer another girl (who has not yet TRUSTED Jesus) said, “Because Jesus came to heal our HEARTS!”

I was amazed. Not only did she recognize that our deepest need is for REDEMPTION, not just physical/emotional healing… but she said “OUR hearts.”

As I type the word OUR my eyes fill with tears…

because I am in awe of the work the Spirit is doing in my friend’s heart as she increasingly recognizes the beauty and truth contained in this STORY and as she realizes HER need for a HEALED HEART


because OUR also includes ME and I am so grateful for the REDEMPTION, the healing of my heart, that Jesus brought me…


because I long for my friends ALL to know this REDEMPTION, the healing of their hearts, that ONLY Jesus can provide.

We then talked a lot about why Jesus healed people physically if what he ultimately wanted to do was heal their hearts, and how we can/should follow his example. It was a beautiful conversation with some very beautiful girls.

Dear Jesus, 
Thanks for the precious moments you give me with these girls.
Thanks for how you use them to change ME, as I watch you change THEM.


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