5 things about lately

1. When I was walking to my classroom this afternoon I walked up the stairs to see, as usual, all my students waiting in the hallway. They started talking in hushed tones. They do this often. It means they are discussing something about me… Probably my appearance… So, I ask. “What are you talking about?” “We are talking about… Why is your skin so (unintelligible word)?” “Why is my skin so… what????” “Black. Your skin looks very black.” I looked at my skin and said, “I don’t know!” “You are blacker today!” After settling into the classroom I let them know that the word we would use is “tan.” (P.S. They don’t think this is a good thing.)

2. I am. SO. tired. I don’t know why. BUT. I recently got a massage. (It cost approximately $4 US for 1 hour, by the way. — Is there a good reason I don’t do that more often? — Well, they kind of beat you up for part of the time, but you get used to it, and in the end it helps.) The masseuse noticed that my neck was very tight and full of knots. She said, “Your kneck hurts. You have trouble sleeping. You have a lot of dreams.” Then she told me why, according to the local “medicine.” Basically, my neck is sore and I have trouble sleeping because I don’t play badminton enough. You see, badminton would help get oxygen to my neck and all my problems would clearly be solved. So, if YOU have trouble sleeping… go play some badminton!!!!

3. The following is part of a text message conversation I had yesterday with my friend Anissa:

A: How was your day?!
S: Just got home from KTV. It was fun.
A: ???
S: KTV – ha. I forgot Americans don’t say that. Karaoke.
A: Hahaha yeah… about that
A: Sounds fun.
S: yes. I sang No Scrubs. A Whole New World. and What a Girl Wants.
A: 1997 called … they want their soundtrack back
S: hahahaha.
S: Sometimes I get really excited about the mysteries of life.
A:  Liiiiike…
S: Everything. Was just dreaming with a friend. And now I really want to go to sleep. I’ll tell you more later.
A: Dreaming with a friend?! Like inception?

I. I have caught myself saying terms lately to friends in America that are totally normal to me. KTV (Karaoke). PPT (Powerpoint). The list goes on. I love how I forget that they didn’t used to be “normal” to me.
II. I love when text messages make me laugh out loud. Like, “1997 called.”
III. I think I need to buy the movie Inception. Movies only cost $1.50-2. :) My collection might be slightly out of control.

4. I think the show Big Bang Theory is absolutely hilarious.

5. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “5 things about lately

  1. 1. Hey, calling you “blacker” is better than calling you “fatter”, which I have heard Chinese friends say to people
    2. Who knew badminton helps you sleep. I think I really need to try that.
    4. I told you

    • 1. So true. I’ve not once been called “fatter” only “thinner.” But they say it so often that I start to think they thought I was “fatter” at some point.
      2. Yes. Try it. Your life may change forever.
      4. And you were right.

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