I love that about her.

I find this picture hilarious. It was taken at my cousin Dawn’s wedding. My mom was apparently telling a story and getting really into it! My uncle was clearly amused. I apparently was distracted by something on the other side of the room. So, maybe dramatic story telling is genetic? But paying attention isn’t? My mom teaches preschool and she’s really really good at it! I’m pretty sure her kids LOVE her story telling! They probably pay better attention than I do.

When I was a preschooler my mom stayed at home, so I did too. But I really wanted to go to school! I asked her if we could start a school at home. She said yes. I named it Rainbow Christian Preschool. Are you surprised? She read to me everyday and taught me my letters and did fun art projects. Then came Ben and she had to triple the work. (Yes. I’m pretty sure he was twice as much work as me.) Together we teamed up to keep him from eating crayons. It was a hard job. As I got older we took turns reading out loud together to Ben. As Ben got older, all three of us took turns reading books like The Box Car Children! (Love them!) Reading together was my favorite thing. Thanks mom, for helping me to become a nerd. (Seriously. Thanks!)

Then came Josh! So she had a “pre-teen” (Yes, I insisted on being called that because I was SO mature.), a 7 year old, and a little baby. Her hands were full with laundry and dishes but the reading and the art projects continued because her kids were priority! But she didn’t stop with HER kids.  We always had extra kids in our house that she was taking care of… (like the kid who got kicked out of preschool for being violent). I love that I am so much older than Josh because I remember so well watching her be a mom and teaching me in the process. I got to help a lot with Josh and all the extra kids in the house.

I learn a lot from my mom still todayShe is so very faithful, patient, kind, and gentle. AND she sends me out with grace. She never once has tried to keep me close to home. That’s not because she doesn’t want me close to home. She does. But she knows I am not her’s to keep. She taught me to love and serve the Father and she graciously encourages me to follow Him wherever he leads, Even if and when it is another state or the other side of the world.
I love that about her. 
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 


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