Heaven | teleporting but BETTER

A mentor of mine once told me that she thinks that every believer should read a book about, or do a study on, Heaven at least once a year – maybe more often. It helps us keeps our perspective where it should be. I think that makes a lot of sense – and from experience I can tell you that I do better in life when thoughts of Heaven are not far from my mind – so I’ve followed her advice.

I recently finished reading a book called One Minute After You Die by Erwin Lutzer. It’s not very long and simply gives us a look at what the Bible says about the two options of what will happen to us when we die (Heaven and Hell).

Thinking about Heaven really does get me excited. For example, Lutzer, talks about what our bodies will be like. Obviously there is much we can not know, but from looking at Scriptures about Jesus after the Resurrection we can gather that “He was able to travel from one place to another without physical effort and went through doors without opening them.” Because of this, Lutzer explains that… “Evidently we too shall be able to travel effortlessly. Just as Christ could be in Galilee and then suddenly appear in Judea, so we shall be free from the limitations of terrestrial travel. That does not mean, of course, that we will be omnipresent, as God is; we will be limited to one place at one time. But travel will be swift and effortless.”

Ommm, how fun will that be???? I’ve always wanted to be able to teleport. Seriously. And this is like teleporting but even BETTER. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read it. I’m so excited for Heaven! :)

Sure. There are a lot more “important” things about Heaven to think about and look forward to – and I do, but the book also talks about how we’ll still be who we are. Our personalities will not change. So, I’m pretty sure that in Heaven I’ll still be delighted by the small things … like TELEPORTING BUT EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!

Who wants to tell me you don’t think that’s a cool thought!? :) 


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