I have many goals in life. The following are my these-are-not-that-serious-BUT-I-am-so-serious life goals:

1. Milk a cow
2. Go to all 50 states by the age of 50… (although sooner is better)
3. Go to every continent (though I don’t think I care so much about Antarctica)
4. Live in an RV for at least 6 months (yes that would be a Recreational Vehicle)
5. Ride an African Elephant, in Africa (My elephant riding experience needs to be redeemed. The one that tried to kill me was an Asian Elephant – you know, back in the jungles of Nam. Maybe it’ll go better with an African one. Or maybe I’ll have another GREAT story to tell!

I’d like goal number 1 to occur by the end of the year. Don’t worry. When it happens, there will be pictures… and probably a video!

I also have plans for state number 35! I’m pretty stoked about that! :) South Carolina here I come!

Also, speaking of life goals… I learned how to do this yesterday:

I can now check that off the list.
[Okay, it wasn’t on the list. But maybe it should have been! It’s not exactly a cinch.] :)


5 thoughts on “these-are-not-that-serious-BUT-I-am-so-serious

  1. MIlk a cow? So weird. But not as weird as your love of using fifty colors on your post. ;)
    South Carolina??? What is there??? I’d go with you…but…I’ve already been there. :) Want to take a road trip with me in the summer of ’12 from Texas to North Dakota? Just a thought…might hit up Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota too…but then that is only helping you get ahead of me…

    • It’s not that weird. Colors are fun. Like your face. And I have friends in South Carolina and a wedding in North Carolina. And yes, let’s do a road trip to North Dakota – although I’ve been to some of the states you mentioned. Oh the thought makes me super excited! I mean, I think roadtrips with you are boring… hahahahaha!

  2. Good. I don’t want to take you to too many new states. But yes. roadtrips with you are amazing…ly awkward. :)

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