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I have a file of bookmarks titled “bloggable.” It is where I save links that inspire me and get my creative (potential for writing) juices flowing, are filled with information I want to share, or contain issues/ideas/random funny things I want to discuss. And then, usually, I never get around to them. So, (I think) I’m going to try to start sharing them more… sometimes through discussion and other times just by throwing them at you and giving you the opportunity to click on them and be inspired, filled with information, and stirred to discuss yourself.

  • 10 things that keep us from showing up (also known as living purposeful dreams)
  • how to be an artist: A good reminder to me that the time is approaching, or maybe here, for me to stop making excuses and create.
  • a reminder that we can do one better and it’s not even that hard
  • in defense of dithering and ENFPs: I’m an ENFP and I loved this.
    (In fact, tonight I found myself getting irritable for no apparent reason, so I put myself out to pasture — meaning, I left the house with a book and an ipod and I walked aimlessly, sat under trees, sang out loud not caring who heard, imagined, made mental lists, and waved my arms in the wind to the beat of the music in my ears. It was just what I needed.)
    (Also, she’s very right when she says that ENFPs do well with suggestions-not commands. You should have been there in my dream last night when someone told me what to do. Good thing it was just a dream.)
  • Freedom on the Net: What countries have it and what countries don’t? I have personal experience with this one.
  • China: daily life – The Big Picture: What would it be like to live “daily life” in China? 1.34 BILLION people do, maybe even 1 (or more) that you know personally??? Here’s a taste for you, in pictures. Really good pictures!
    I LOVE this website. Seriously. Check it. Often. Or stick it in your google reader. It’s filled with great photo journalism from around the world.
  • How to Make a Decision (I really liked this: You’re trying to make this about you by searching for a feeling of peace. You can go or you can stay. Either way, you are called to believe Me.You are not called to action, you are called to belief.)
    Belief leads to action. I think we must remember that. But, she has a point. A good one.

I have a lot more in the file where this came from and new stuff is being added all the time. So maybe I’ll make this a weekly post. We’ll see. I’m not always good at routines. Maybe they stifle my need to dither. ;)


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