a list of lists it is

I love lists… so much so, that today… I would like to make a list of lists. WHAT? Yeah. You read me. A list of lists it is.

A) Today was filled with small delights including, but not limited to:

1. getting things done that I’d been procrastinating for a while.
2. drinking Cherry Coke, a treasure occasionally found in the imported section of the largest grocery store in town.
3. eating Strawberries with chocolate frosting. We usually can not find strawberries in our town.
5. making a mental list of all the kids I’m waiting impatiently to hug and hold and play with when I get to the US this summer. It’s a long list. I’m gonna be a busy “aunt” … or ayi.
6. receiving emails from friends that make me laugh, not because they are funny but, because they are SOOO random. I stop and think, “Why are you sending me this?” And then I find pure delight in the fact that they/(maybe you?) do. Because it connects me to their/(your?) life, the little details. I love the little details. Send me the little details. :)
7. realizing that I’ve gotten comfortable enough with my “family” here that when I have a bad attitude, they see it. No fronts. Just the real me. (The bad attitude is not a delight… but ya know… being known – good, bad, and ugly – that is a delight, especially when they love you despite it.)

B)  Confessions:

1. A couple months ago someone pointed out to me that my MOST PLAYED list on itunes was full of Jimmy Needham. I’m not sure what this says about me but, I haven’t listened to Jimmy Needham since then. I like him. But he’s not my FAVORITE. I don’t know who my FAVORITE is. I don’t really have ONE. But anyway, I’m determined to get other things into my MOST PLAYED list. Jimmy can stay in parts of it. But he should have company from others.
2. I was not outside of the building I live in today for more than 5 minutes at a time. I spent the entire day in my, or someone else’s apartment. Those days are kinda nice now and then.
3. I am known among my “family” here as a bossy big sister. I think the key word there is bossy. (They love me.)
4. I spent $7 on a cd tonight on itunes and I think I’m gonna regret it. I like 1 song on the cd a lot, so I thought I’d like the rest and I really wanted some new music. I’m 4 songs into it. I only like the 1 song I already had. Woops. Maybe the 2nd half will be better?

C) One of the benefits of blogging and documenting life on the web is that you can look back at the things you’ve learned and the dumb/hilarious things you’ve shared with the world. I clicked the other night on my funny stories category and relived the following memories:

1. Remember when I almost lost Brady (that stupid dog)? And when I finally was able to get him home I, for some reason, grabbed a camera and RANTED about the whole situation:

2. Remember when I talked to a crazy homeless man about how Jesus had a male torso and because of that you can not get Jesus pregnant? Ya. A real conversation. Promise.

D) Can we all agree that my life is absurdly odd and peculiar? :) I love it though.


2 thoughts on “a list of lists it is

    • No. I SHOULD have bought the one you suggested. Too bad I can’t remember what it was. I bought NewWorldSon. I like their song “There is a Way” but the rest… eh.

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