3 parts of my day

1. It is soooo hot. Remember how I said the weather was beautiful? Did you know that before that we had MONTHS of gloomy? Well, apparently we only get 1.5 weeks of beautiful weather here this year. The FURNACE of this furnace city has been activated and simultaneously my allergies have been activated. I want to pluck my eyes out they burn so badly. I don’t remember feeling like this last summer so I hope it goes away really quick like. [Although the heat will surely stick around.]

2. A family of foreigners that live in our city are gone on a trip. They have a dog. So, tonight another girl and I went over for the nightly walking of the dog. On our way out the gate of their apartment complex a man was walking in with two 5 foot long snakes in his hands. He was holding them by the head, away from his body… and TOWARDS our bodies… with the rest of their long bodies dragging on the ground behind him. We were startled to see two snake heads coming at us. Clearly. We jumped. We screamed. We freaked out (ourselves) the dog and her hair stood straight up. Then we laughed, hysterically. And the ten locals watching it all happen loosened up, smiled, and tried not to laugh. And the guards who see us everyday and are a bit more comfortable cracked up at the white girls who totally flipped out at something they thought was totally normal.

3. I went to get a… I’m not really sure what to call it in English… It’s between an icee and a snow cone. So, I went to get one of those today after class. I was so hot. And my eyes were burning. And I just really could NOT think. An hour or two later I got a text message from a student/friend saying, and I quote, “You lost something right? my classmates picked up it. don’t hurry, i will give it to you later, because i have workes,ok?” I was confused. What did I leave? Where did I leave it? I had only gone to teach and to get a drink. Then I remembered walking home, with nothing in my hand but my drink. Yeah. I left my teaching folder with my attendance records at the drink shop. My friend/student later called to tell me she was coming to my apartment with it. I told her I was not home but at dinner and I could meet her at the front gate if she called me when she got there. A while went by and there was no call. I wondered why. Then she came into the restaurant. How did she know where I was? And told me she was sorry she could not give it to me now. The classmate who had picked it up took it with them to a shop and accidentally left it there. They went back to get it and the shop was closed/locked. They will go back and get it when the shop is open again and bring it to me tomorrow. I find so many elements of this story entertaining. Like the fact that she called to tell me she was coming to my house WITH the folder, right then, when she clearly did not actually have it in her possession. Listen to what they mean, not what they say – is the reality of life here. You just have to laugh at it. 


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