I feel like Easter should get a powerful, thought out, epic blog post. But it’s late and I’m tired. My day has been – splendid. But now, I don’t have much left. So rather than an epic post, here are a few little bits:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturday – the day that was full of unknowns and wondering if it had all been wasted. Life often seems very Saturday-esque. And maybe that’s because we’re still waiting… in a tension… between now and Heaven/the Return(whichever comes first)… when we will see Jesus, and all the broken pieces will come together and make sense.

I’ve been watching New Life spring up around me… and signs that more New Life is on it’s way. And Redemption and Forgiveness and Life are growing more beautiful to me, each day.

I was talking to a friend about some of the hard parts of life and she said, “being sad on Easter is like standing in front of the ocean saying water doesn’t exist….” And we decided to look at the water… and touch it… and splash in it… and let it pour over us… Not just today, but everyday – whether happy or sad. [Because it’s okay to be sad sometimes… but it’s not good to be so sad that you can’t see the ocean right in front of you…]

Talking about Jesus is my favorite thing to do in the whole entire world. Why do I sometimes NOT do it? It fills me up until I’m exploding with joy. I LOVE exploding with JOY.

I hope your Easter (and all of your days) is (are) full of Life and gazing into His Goodness. And SPLASHING in it!


One thought on “SPLASHING in it!

  1. Today Jesus helped me explode in JOY and splash in His goodness…he also told me to shut up and wait…which means I’ve been talking too much and not waiting in praise. Message clear. So thanks for being a joyful & hopeful person. Because you inspire and encourage me! Heb 10 was an encouragement to me as well–i hope it blesses you too!

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