a prayer and a song

Today, I just want to share a prayer and a song. Because that’s what I need today. A pray. And a song.

And now, O God, grant us to live in the riches of all that Jesus’ resurrection means. All authority belongs to him in heaven and on earth. No power and no enemy can prevail against him. Only good can come to us in the end as we trust in him.The best is always yet to come.So, Father, banish fear and fretting and discouragement and moodiness from our lives. Rivet our attention on the ultimate reality of Christ’s final triumph over death. Never let us forget or fail to feel universal glory that you have given Jesus a name that is above every name. Make this practical in our daily lives as we see every person, great and small, facing someday the risen and triumphant Judge of all the nations. Give us a brokenhearted boldness in the mercy and the might of Jesus.O Father, we want our lives to count for the display of his greatness. Work in us to this end with all your might, we pray. In Jesus’ name, amen.

~ John Piper, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ


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