9 glimpses into my odd life

  1. My family has this easy dinner that we all love. We call it Charlie Salad, but none of us know WHY we call it that. It’s just Fritos piled with chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and maybe sour cream. I’ve been craving it. But while it’s super simple to make it only works if the ingredients are available and in my podunk-Asia-town I can get lettuce and tomato, but none of the rest. So, when I traveled to that other city with a lot of westerners and imported stores and found FRITOS and CHILI I excitedly bought some! My co-worker had some cheese and so… We had a Charlie Salad night!!!  But, we forgot that we left all (3) of our forks at our friend’s house down the street. So, we ate Charlie Salad – with chopsticks.
  2. I also have eaten cereal and oatmeal and pretty much anything and everything – with chopsticks. My limited supply of forks and spoons have a way of making it into other people’s houses. My chopstick skills rock though, so I make due just fine.
  3. George update (click here to read about George): He came to class yesterday, a little late. He didn’t knock. He jumped up and down waving his arms in the window [if you can call it a window] above the door. All the other students were laughing and I had no idea why but was happy when I realized it was GEORGE! I let him in (the door automatically locks when shut) and he took his seat alone on the back row and proceeded to go to sleep. So, of course, I woke him up and explained to him that everyone was supposed to write their answer to a question that I had written on the board. He said, “I do not write.” [But he wasn’t speaking English.] I said, “George. You can write.” [I wasn’t speaking English either.] He said, “No.” [In English. Good step, George. Proud of you.] {Seriously, I’ll take what I can get.} I said, “Yes. You can. I know you can. At least write 2 sentences.” I got him paper from another student and then gave him my pen and said, “You can! You can!” [once in English and once in ___.] as I patted him on the back and walked away. He did. YAY George! Keep it up! [A.K.A. Please don’t make me fail you.]
  4. My roommate’s stepdad is a doctor and was here visiting last week. He looked at the CT scan of my brain and told me that it’s healthy…{small, but healthy. He’s a funny man.} We talked about it in front of some locals who didn’t know what had happened. I explained how I hit my head and was unconscious for a while. He told them, “It’s very dangerous. She could have died!” And he wasn’t being funny. I could have died. I guess I knew that – I mean, we could die from a lot of things – but I never really thought about it. Dear God, Thanks for keeping me alive. 
  5. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a girl who is interested in hearing about things I like talking about. ;) She’s also interested in hanging out with a foreigner. {Which sometimes makes for an interesting/frustrating experience… but I’m goin in optimistically.} She called her mom to tell her about our plans. Her mom said, “She’s a foreigner?” She said, “Yes, she is!” “What color is her hair?” “Her hair is golden.” Apparently her mother almost fell out of her chair in astonishment. She’s never seen a foreigner before. Not one! “A person with gold hair! I can not believe it is true!” Have you ever told your mom about plans you had with a new friend and then her first question be… “What color is her hair?” My life is funny.
  6. Today was a much better day for The Story telling than yesterday. FYI.
  7. I recently developed an obsession with spicing up my parenthesis usage. Have you noticed? () [] {} Also, I recently discovered this button… | I think I need to find ways to incorporate that little guy now too. It’s like when I realized I could change the color of font. And then I never stopped. What can I say? Small things delight me.
  8. I check the free kindle books list on Amazon once a week, at least, because they change and I love FREE and I love BOOKS. It would be a pity to miss an opportunity for a free book. Once I almost bought a book for $9 but I decided not to. The next week it was free. SCORE! Last week I got a free book about DNA. I would never have bought it but it was free and I think DNA is interesting and I like learning in general so… I got it! I just looked at it again on Amazon. It’s $32.99 on kindle now. SCORE again! I also realize I’m a big huge nerd. [Who knows if I’ll ever read the whole thing… but I’ll at least read part of it! Promise.]
  9. Speaking of books… I need to tell you about some I’ve read recently. So, stay tuned for that, or not. Whatev. ;)

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