the moments given us

I recently sent a friend [who was born the same exact day as me – just in case you were wondering] a little tidbit of information about things happening in my little corner of the world. Her response to me was:

I know it’s probably hard to feel the excitement when you’re living that life as a daily routine, but girl, that is amazing.

She’s right. – – – I’m in the middle of some amazing things! – – – But, those amazing things really are just a part of my normal, everyday life. So sometimes, I miss them.

You know what I mean? I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us sometimes. We forget to appreciate The Amazing because it starts to just feel… normalroutine. – – – But. It. IS. Amazing!

I’ve been working lately on appreciating the moments… entering INto the moments… and recognizing them for what they are:

Beautiful gifts of abundant grace
Places in which JOY can be found…
Lives and situations where the Father is redeeming…

And here I am… and there you are…
Living in the moments given us. 

Let’s open our eyes in each moment and look for The Amazing!
(I betcha, it’s there to be found.) 


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