much more than a story

Jesus. I’ve been thinking a lot about him today. I’ve been talking a lot about him today.

Sunday is Easter; I’m sure you’re aware of that but many people in the world don’t know. Believe it or not. So, today I talked to some of them… and as I wrapped up the story…

“I can not believe this…” A girl whispered to herself. She wasn’t actually talking TO me, but I heard her… So, I asked, “You can not believe this?” She said, “It sounds like just a story.” I stood there with many eyes looking at me while my own began to fill with tears that I had to work to keep IN my eyes. For a moment, I could find no words as I was filled with an ache for them to understand, to See

“Well, to some it is just a story… but to others it is… much more than a story. It is … EVERYTHING!”

“To you!” said one voice. “Do you believe this?” asked another.

“YES. I do. I really really do. It is the most important story in the world to me.

This week, as I anticipate a day of joyful celebration and of sharing with people who really don’t know… I am reading through a little book by John Piper called Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. (Click here to download the book for FREE.). In it, Piper shares this prayer:

Father, we long to know him [Jesus]. Banish from our minds low thoughts of Christ. Saturate our souls with the Spirit of Christ and all his greatness. Enlarge our capacities to be satisfied in all that you are for us in him. Where flesh and blood are impotent, reveal to us the Christ, and rivet our attention and our affections on the truth and beauty of your all-glorious Son. And grant that whether rich or poor, sick or sound, we might be transformed by him and become an echo of his excellence in the world. 

I have been overwhelmed today. There is something about sharing the truths contained in the story of Easter that makes my soul recognize their beauty more than ever before. I long to know Jesus better and to think of Him more rightly, more highly. I want to be saturated by Him and all of his greatness

There are a lot of realities in the world, and even in my own – very blessed – life, that right now I am sad about, struggling through, and frustrated with… things that make me want to shake my fist/stamp my feet/pout/be pathetic. But in the midst of that ugliness I am looking at Jesus… and I think that I am really Seeing Him. And there is something beautiful that He is doing as I See. Maybe it is that enlarging of my capacity to be satisfied by Him that is happening right now… in me, impotent me.

His truth and His beauty have captured my attentions and affections today, more than most days. I have had this intense deep longing for Him… I want to run to Jesus and hug him tight and thank him for… EVERYTHING… and then fall at His feet with tears streaming down my face, knowing that I have not loved Him as I shouldbut wanting to begin

I want to be an echo of his excellence in the world. I really do.

This is my prayer. For all of us. 


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