7 bits of life

  1. It is a BEAUTIFUL day!!! My friend Brittany and I rented bikes and rode them around the city… down to the river… and just explored. We found some fancy new place being built with GRASS (the first grass I’ve ever seen in this city – ah, may, zing!), a fountain, and a lot of friendly people that we stopped and talked to.
  2. It felt so… normal. Just a good day. A good day I would have on a sunshiney day in CA or TX or Asia or… wherever my home happens to be. And when we stopped to ask kids where they got their double bikes and when we joked with the people who shouted “foreigners” by shouting back “local person” and then laughing with them… We felt at HOME. It’s such a blessing to feel at HOME.
  3. I’ve accepted the fact that if I am going to buy shoes here, they have to be man shoes. Ugh. Big feet and podunk-Asia-town do not mix well together.
  4. I reinstated the “Who writes here?” page on my blog because I realized that when I find my way onto new blogs I am irritated if there isn’t somewhere to click to find out about the person who writes it. So, onlookers who do not actually know me – I think there might be a couple of you, you may now click here to find out who the heck I am – or something, if you care.
  5. I finished book number 8 today, book 9 should be complete by the week’s end. I think I might end up surpassing the 20 before July, although – I have some pretty hefty reads I’d like to tackle so that’ll slow me down.
  6. Dust irks me, which is kind of a bummer considering where I live.
  7. I realized that two of the titles of my posts this week involved tears. What can I say? It’s been an emotional week. Welcome to my life.

2 thoughts on “7 bits of life

  1. This made me happy! I’m so glad yodatbwas good!! I love you!! Ps I may have accidentally given my phone number to a 19 yr old!!! Oops

    • I’m assuming that you meant to say “so glad your day was good!!” Otherwise, I’m not sure what yodatbwas means. ;) On your phone? And I laughed a lot about the 19 year old. I give my phone number to 19 year old boys all the time, but it’s kind of different.

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