my dreams totally freak me out

Last night, I had a lot of trouble going to sleep. My mind was spinning with dreams – not the sleeping kind but the future kind.

And sometimes, dreams can be scary.

Daring to dream means that I actually have to DO something to LIVE my dreams. And DOing something to attempt to live my dreams leaves a lot of potential for failure. [I don’t really get excited about the possibility of failure.]

And then there’s all that stuff I can’t control, the parts of my dreams that I am powerless to DO anything to make them happen… the parts I just have to wait and see if they ever happen. And that, the having no control, is scary too.

So basically, I couldn’t sleep last night because my dreams totally freak me out.

[That and there was a lot of noise out on the street and I wasn’t at my own house.]

Do your dreams ever freak YOU out?


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