7 random thoughts

  1. There are many children who live in my building. They call me waiguo ayi (foreign aunt). I love stopping to play with them on my way in or out. Although, you never know if they are going to be delighted or terrified by my waiguo white face.
  2. I love when I have my itunes on shuffle and random music from around the world comes on. It’s normal to listen to Himesh Reshammiyah & Ahir, right?
  3. I recently counted 7 men carrying pink umbrellas, just during a 15 minute walk. In this culture, colors aren’t really associated with gender the way we are used to. But I still think it’s weird.
  4. In the last couple weeks, something seems to have clicked in my brain and I’m speaking more of the language here… Not that I suddenly know a lot more, just that I’m more easily/naturally using what I know…
  5. I really want to learn to play the guitar. I think I’m going to try to do something about that in the next year. Goal.
  6. Speaking of goals, I have a list of random goals that has grown lately. Stay tuned.
  7. GEORGE came to class again today! He didn’t come last week. Today he was late. I went and talked to him and said, “George. You need to start coming to class every week, on time. You will fail if you do not.” He said, “Yes teacher. I know. I will.” This other boy, Stone, came in late with him and he was out of breath. They both were. I think Stone went to get George because he knows it upsets me when he doesn’t come. Stone is a great student and always on time.Dear Stone, Thanks for bringing George! I think you’re super and I love how hard you try even though you are the ONLY boy in your class most of the time! It takes courage. Proud of you, Shanda

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