6 random things I learned this week

1. Mistletoe is a parasite. {How is THAT romantic???}  Okay, it’s a parasitic plant… which is probably different than being a straight parasite… but still…

2. There are 6,909 known living languages. {I like that it’s a number divisible by 3.}

3. In Niger, women have a 1-in-7 chance of dying in childbirth (in their lifetime – not with each birth); in Sub-Saharan Africa 1-in-22; in India 1-in-70; in the USA 1-in-4,800; in Italy 1-in-26,000; in Ireland 1-in-47,600. (These stats are taken from Half the Sky by Kristof and WuDunn.) It is largely due to the lack of availability for c-sections in poorer countries. Think about how many people you know who have had to have a c-section because of obstructed labor or other complications. Think about what would happen if that wasn’t possible. Now think about the fact that much of the world lives in that reality

4. [On the theme of childbirth…] In China, when a couple gets married the friends and family will all tell the couple “zao sheng gui zi,” which means “have a babby fast.”

5. The D.R. of Congo is the most undernourished country based on percentage of the population with 69% consuming less than 1,800 kcals per person per day. India is the most undernourished country based on the population of people below the minimum level of dietary energy consumption with 237.7 million people below 1,770 kcals per person per day. (Stats from interactive maps on this site.)

6. Baby sloths are really cute and lots of people want one. [Okay, I already knew that.]


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