humor cells

Last night I was hangin’ out with a bunch of locals and they kept telling me I was “very humor.” [They mean funny… or humorOUS.] One of them wanted to find another way to explain it… apparently “very humor” was not enough for her. She said that my “body must be FULL of humor cells.” I had no idea what she meant at first. Cells wasn’t coming out clearly. Then she spelled it… “You know… C-E-L-L-S…” I said, “Ohhhh… cells… I’m full of humor cells??? Hahahahaha!” So, I guess God gave me extra humor cells. That explains a lot.

Speaking of which, apparently my ability and tendency to laugh a lot keeps my immune system healthy! AND my ability to laugh and get others laughing too promotes democracy!

And just so you know it’s not a one time/one place fluke…

Although, honestly… I find the whole thing rather creepy and … maybe… borderline… cultish? [Maybe that’s just because they call the dude a guru.]

But, while we’re talking about laughing… let’s just make this a Friday Fun post – full of laughter. There’s this family whose blogs I stalk [cause I’m creepy… though NOT cultish]. They live an adventure and have a super fun family. They adopted their son, Losiah, from Korea and he’s so stinkin’ cute that every time I see him I say, “I want one of him someday!” He and his Dad recently began doing a youtube series. They just posted episode #4.

1. How much do you love this kid’s laugh? 2. For my next birthday I also want noodles AND pasta… with sprinkles on it too! 3. I think boys are soooo funny! 4. Remember there are 4. Here’s number 1, number 2, and number 3.

And then there’s the paper ripping baby. I want one of him too! Ha.

So there you go. Hopefully, you laughed and improved your immune system and promoted democracy. ;)


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