9 random thoughts (with 1 video)

1. I’m obsessed with bottled green tea.

2. My coworker, Brittany, has a couple guests in town. They brought gifts for all of us with them (sent by her mom). I got Cinnamon Spice Dunkin Donuts coffee! THANKS BRIT’S MOM!!!!!! (Pink. Just for you!) I had some this morning and it was delightful. It filled the apartment with the scent of my house in Plano as this was one of Jen’s favorite coffees and became one of mine. (Sorry SBUX. I know I’m supposed to be a coffee snob who doesn’t like flavored coffees but… I do.)

3. Speaking of gifts… look what I got!!! :) Thanks Susan! :)

4. Enjoy how the sound is totally off from the video and my voice gets all creepy. It’s super.

5. How dumb/CA girl do I sound when I say: “Oh this is TOTALLY a roommate page!” ???

6. I think that having curly hair gives some sort of extra permission to have messy hair as seen on the back of my head in the above video. I think I might be wrong in thinking that though. Ohhhhh well.

7. I’m pretty sure my brother Josh is going to love that I said, “Isn’t he ADORABLE?” But seriously. Look at him. He was… and is!

8. For absolutely NO reason I stayed up until 2am last night. I do that way too often. I need to stop.

9. It is the last day of March, the first month of my reading challenge, and I have read 6 BOOKS. Many of which I keep meaning to talk about here. Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll make that happen.


2 thoughts on “9 random thoughts (with 1 video)

  1. i totally thought it was going to be ME skyping you! lol! love that you had a GOOD day! I had a great evening with JC and I’m really exciting about going to FTW today! know that I love love love you! And i am with you on the messy hair thing…ask me when the last time I brushed my hair was…nevermind…don’t. :) OH and were you talking to ME at 2am?! haha…love it

  2. YEA!!!!!! I’m so glad you finally got it! Seriously, who knew I needed to plan in 2.5 buffer months?!?! And yeah, obviously I totally stole your pics from blogs and facebook–hope you don’t mind! :)

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