I live in Asia — a fact I talk about mostly on another blog that I’ve grown tired of writing on. Have you noticed? — I’ve been here 9 months. (9 months? That’s long enough to HAVE A BABY!)

I live in a “small town.” Sure. There are about a million people in this “small” town but just trust me… that’s podunk around these parts. We have to go an hour away to “the city” for McDonald’s or Pizza Hut or Starbucks or … anything western. (Well, okay… we’ve got a couple wannabe western options around. But let’s emphasize the word wannabe.) We make monthly or so trips to stock up on cheese and butter in “the city.” AND we have a total of 13 white faces residing within the million “yellow” faces.

Let’s think about that ratio for a moment.

This weekend, 3 of the 13 of us hopped on a train and went two hours to another big city, one that has lots and lots of westerners and lots and lots of western food and at least 2 imported food stores where we can buy things like Honey Bunches of Oats. AND… get ready to dance with me… they had ONE Diet Dr. Pepper and I bought it! Are you dancing? Seriously. Dance. I did. 9 months since I’ve had one of those puppies! 9 months of thinking about how much I’d LOVE a Diet Dr. Pepper. And this weekend I had one! Wooo. It was soooo good!

We went to a coffee shop, owned by a couple we recently met who live in McKinney, TX… (hey hey… I know where that is!)

Being in an American owned independent coffee shop was a TREAT. I <3 such places. It made me think of my super roommate in Texas – Jen – and our tour of coffee shops around the DFW metroplex… always on the hunt for a cool spot… {Dear Jen, Can we continue that in a few months?}

AND… they had live music… a guitar with a tall American dude with long hair behind it. (P.S. Brit and I have discussed it and guys should not wear headbands. K? K.) HELLO COFFEE SHOP SCENE. You feel like home to me.

My point is… it was delightful… [but…


So many white faces. SOOooo many more than 13. All in one room. And… most of them seemed to know each other… and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just sat there. Staring. Seriously. I wanted to talk to them all. But I couldn’t. I didn’t remember how. Who am I? Thankfully, I knew a couple of them… and they introduced me to a few more… But, really I just kind of needed a night sitting in a corner, listening to someone sing sweet songs while strumming on a guitar…

But the whole thing made me wonder… In August, when I’m in the States after 13 months of being here… will I be that awkward person who just came back from overseas and doesn’t know how to talk to people anymore? I always thought that wouldn’t happen to me. I’m adaptable. I go with the flow. I’m just me. I’m a people person. Wherever I am. (Sure. I’m awkward sometimes. But it’s just because I’m odd.) But maybe… maybe… being one of 13 white faces is actually having a pretty significant effect on me.

I’m not complaining. I like being one of 13 white faces. It’s an adventure; that’s for sure!

Plus… 38 times a day people tell me I’m beautiful... ;)

I’m pretty sure, I’ll have my moments. I’m also pretty sure… I’m always just gonna be me. And sometimes, in some moments, maybe ME will not know what to do when there are more than 13 white people… but I’ll adapt…It’s how I roll.

However, I do NOT think I will be able to adapt to not being told I’m beautiful 38 times a day…
So… You’re gonna have to pick up the slack on that for me friends.



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