the nervous age – throw some Tozer in your lap (4)

Do you ever feel nervous? I do. Lately, I’ve felt nervous a lot – for many different reasons that I won’t get into but you know the kind of thing… The LIFE stuff. The stuff that you can’t control. The daring to dream. The big decisions you have to make. The risks you know it will soon be time to jump into. The cars almost running you over seven times a day. {Oh wait… maybe that doesn’t happen to you who live in the land of traffic signals and organized lanes for driving.}

Tozer struck me recently with a phrase he used. — I like to pretend that rather than reading his books on my kindle, we actually were having a face to face conversation. — THE NERVOUS AGE. Tozer says that you and I live in the nervous age.

We who live in this nervous age would be wise to meditate on our lives and our days long and often before the face of God and on the edge of eternity. For we are made for eternity as certainly as we are made for time, and as responsible moral beings we must deal with both. “He hath set eternity in their heart,” said the Preacher, and I think he here sets forth both the glory and the misery of men. To be made for eternity and forced to dwell in time is for mankind a tragedy of huge proportions. All within us cries for life and permanence, and everything around us reminds us of mortality and change. Yet that God has made us of the stuff of eternity is both a glory and a prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

~ A. W. Tozer, Knowledge of the Holy, Chapter 7 – The Eternity of God

Tozer encourages us, the inhabitants of this Nervous Age, to meditate on our lives and our days long and often BEFORE THE FACE OF GOD and ON THE EDGE OF ETERNITY. — I LOVE THOSE WORDS! — repeat — We should meditate on our lives and our days long and often BEFORE THE FACE OF GOD and ON THE EDGE OF ETERNITY.  (and this is when I — SIGH — !! )

We are made for eternity. WE ARE MADE FOR ETERNITY! (I love that.) That’s the longing. That’s the never satisfied thirst deep within us. WE were MADE for ETERNITY! But, we were ALSO made for TIME and we must live in it… while looking over the edge into eternity, always keeping it in sight.

It’s one of those tension things. We were made for both. For now, we live in time but eternity is in our hearts. We long for that which is everlasting, but we live in the temporal — for now. This tension can make us miserable, because the things of TIME will never ever satisfy us… or we can marvel in the beauty of it, recognizing the glory of that which is to come… and clinging to the access we have now to that which is eternal.

I don’t know about you but that glory… that hope… that look into the future where I’ll experience the other side of what I was made for… It makes all those things I feel nervous about seem so small…

Because someday, the NERVOUS AGE will end… and we will look upon… and breath in… and hold… and soak up… the STUFF OF ETERNITY. Today, it may very well appear a tragedy of huge proportions… but no matter how NERVOUS we are today… there ARE things to look forward to, if we trust in Jesus and acknowledge Him as LORD.

Brief life is here our portion,
Brief sorrow, short-lived care;
The life that knows no ending,
The tearless life is there.
There God, our King and Portion,
In fullness of His grace,
We then shall see forever,
And worship face to face.

~ Bernard of Cluny


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