JOYfully placing my HOPE in my Father

I used to have a sticker on the back of my car (when I had a car) that said “JOYFUL.”

I sign my emails, notes, and letters…



It’s not just for fun or because it sounds pretty. It’s a choice – a purposeful choice. You see, long long ago… I came across James 1:2-4 and it soaked deep into my heart.

Choose joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds,
because the testing of your faith develops perseverance.
And perseverance must finish its work,
so that you make become mature and complete, lacking nothing.

I’m so glad that, at a young age, I learned that the pains and the hurts and the trials of life had a purpose and that in them I could CHOOSE joy… because through them God would make me more mature and complete, lacking nothing. Lacking nothing. Oh it’s a beautiful thing! (Not an instant thing… a process… as mentioned in my number 7 from my previous post.)

And let’s face it… life’s not always a picnic.

It’s easy… way too easy… to forget to make the CHOICE some days.

There’s a 3 x 5 card on my desk that says “What is your HOPE in?” I’m going to go write another one that says, “Where does your JOY come from?”

I want JOY to mark my life. A JOY that comes from the Father… A JOY that goes beyond circumstances… A JOY that HOPES in the eternal promises of the God that REDEEMED ME from the PIT… A JOY that REJOICES that wherever I am, whatever I’m doing I am HIS and I get to SERVE Him and even REPRESENT Him! (What a stinkin’ AMAZING PRIVILEGE!!!) When I remember that all the other questions and unknowns seem far less important.

I write this all basically to remind myself who I am…

JOYfully placing my HOPE in my Father,



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