9 things I feel like talking about today :)

1. I stayed in bed today until almost noon. I’d love to say it was amazing, but when the reason is that you feel sickly… it’s not really that amazing. Still though, I was grateful for the opportunity to sleep as long as I could.

2. It’s actually a beautiful day out and we don’t get a lot of those, so despite the lack of energy contained in my body, I ventured out for lunch and enjoyed a little sunshine.

3. This afternoon… I’ve been soaking in some Jesus time with music and singing. I love to sing, especially when no one else is home and I can sing at the top of my lungs! — Not that there aren’t people on the other side of the wall hearing it all but that’s okay. I can’t see them. — I feel so connected to my Father as I lift my voice to Him… [It reminds me so much of my other father as it was his love language with the Father too – I miss that man oh so much lately as I could really use a little earthly Daddy’s love – but my Father knows best, and so I trust Him.]

4. I sometimes enjoy going back through old posts on my blog. Occasionally, I scroll through the archives to this month last year and see where I was then… what I was thinking about… what I was learning… what I was doing. I did that today. A year ago: I went to my 34th state in the USA, I was hanging out in Atlanta with the person in the world who I laugh the most with, I was putting t-shirts on a golden retriever, making pancakes, drinking tea, watching LA Ink, and playing with FLARP with my roommatewith whom I loved to discuss what it means to live fully alive. Some things have changed about life. My roommate has a new roommate – he’s a dude (she got married). I live on the other side of the world. Jenny moved from Atlanta to TX. But, some things have not changed all that much. I’m learning – again – some of the same things I learned a year ago: I need to hold my plans loosely – as I trust the Father to lead me when I do not know where I am going. I am being reminded that nothing is wasted when our desires are turned to our Father, above all else. I am holding onto the truths that God is in control, He loves me, and that the story He is writing WILL end beautifully!

5. Here’s a song I played at least 5 times today:

I surrender ALL.

6. I promise a non-numbered list post will come soon in which I will share deep and profound thoughts about the world (or something).

7. The theme of today… it’s all a process. Enjoy the moments in-between. Enjoy the questions. The mysteries. The love. Even enjoy the hurting in your heart – it’s hard, but it’s beautiful. Love the struggle. Know that God is in the midst of it all and He is always faithful. It’s all a process that He can and will use to make us more beautiful children of our Risen Savior. He brings life to the dead. He is AMAZING and worth every ounce of anything we are or have to walk through.

8. It looks like I’m getting better because today, I put the color back into the blog. ;) Oh how I love color!

9. My stupendously talented youngest brother has an audition at a University. He’s a super duper duper drummer. I’m so proud of him! (Not because he’s a super duper drummer – but I do love that about him too!) Can you say a little prayer for him? Thanks.


2 thoughts on “9 things I feel like talking about today :)

  1. I called your Mom and told her to tell Josh your comment about his being stupendously talented and a super duper duper drummer – told her to tell him. I thought he would like that. It was the perfect time as she said she had just about 2 minutes.

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