7 random thoughts

1. It bothers me when candles do not burn evenly. It’s a waste of wax and I am not a fan of waste. Sigh.

2. I thoroughly enjoy reading and watching movies, which is great because those are pretty much the two available sources of entertainment.

3. But have no fear, I’m creating a new hobby that you will soon(ish) get to experience.

4. When life is going awesomely and I want to soak it in… or when life is full of challenges and I’m not sure how to walk through them well… I do one of two things to process.

  • Go to the BEACH: probably La Jolla Shores and/or La Jolla Cove where I will walk down to the pier with my feet in the water, gaze out to the horizon for long periods of time, bury my feet in the sand, swing, stare into a fire pit, climb around on rocks, stare at seals laying on the beach and scooting to the water awkwardly, sit in the grass and just BE, soak in the ever-present sound of the waves rushing in to the shore, etc.
  • Open a BLANK WORD DOCUMENT and just type: Sometimes it’s slow and thoughtful. Sometimes it’s fast and very stream of consciousness. My fingers move over the keys, the words appear one by one on the screen, and I listen to the click click click of the keys.

Each in their own ways, these activities bring my mind into a place that is more aware of the presence of my Father in my life/the world.

This week, at any given time I’ve had anywhere from 7 to 12 Word Documents open at a time. What can I say? There’s no beach for me to go to.

5. Why do I get hungry at midnight, without fail?

6. Why am I always awake at midnight?

7. I could think of more random things to say but I think that instead I will go read a book. :)


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