day off

This semester I have an awesome schedule. I’m OFF ON FRIDAYS! So, happy day off to me. (And woohoo for a three day weekend, every week!)

This morning I slept in a bit, then I went to a meeting (yeah, welcome to days off)… Now I’m settling onto the couch with a cup of coffee and my kindle.

But I have to say… I really really wish that instead of being on my couch wrapped up in a blanket that I was here doing this:

(but without the green toe nail polish which was clearly a mistake)

or here doing this:

(otherwise knows as lookin like an idiot, but clearly happy in the process)

or here doing this:

(hiking with Erin and posing like I think I’m Superwoman – hands on the hip style? … I shouldn’t do that).

I think, somehow, I process life better when I can go to these places. But alas, I shall only daydream of such moments for now… and treasure the memories.


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