pushy little suckers

Have you ever been sitting there… living your life… and suddenly your stomach feels weak as you realize that …

This, what you’re doing… is good.


There’s more. There are these dreams luring in the distance that are calling you.

And you stop in your tracks, wondering HOW.

HOW in the world am I supposed to get from here to there?

I thought HERE was where I was going… at least for a while…

But there are these questions. These dreams. And they’re pushy little suckers. And they’re confusing. But they seem to have a purpose…You just aren’t quite sure what that is yet?

Ever been there?



One thought on “pushy little suckers

  1. yes. there’s always a journey to go on. last night I could feel the father telling me to ask bigger, keep dreaming and trust him. Nothing is impossible with him, least of all seeing people give their lives wholeheartedly to Him. keep chasing the Father’s dream for people….everything else will come too. one day at a time. I love you

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