arrows on the ground

One of my friends who is currently in the process of making a big decision said something to me today that I immediately wrote down. (I like to write things down.) She said, “I don’t want to make decision making an idol, where it consumes my thoughts.”

When talking to another friend about life, love, and other mysteries (old school Point of Grace anyone?) she said, “This might sound kinda bad but I don’t know how else to say it… but don’t OVER spiritualize things.” I promise she’s not a heretic. She’s a wise woman who loves Jesus and walks closely with Him… And I think she had a good point. Sometimes, we try to make things/God way too complicated.

Another friend of mine and I were discussing HOW decisions are made. (People around me are making big decisions, and I guess so am I… So we’ve been having a lot of conversations on the topic.) Her husband took a class once by the dude who wrote Decision Making and the Will of God and she told me how it’s impacted their lives. The whole premise is, God gives us TOOLS we need (wisdom/scripture) to make decisions but he doesn’t mystically reveal specific wills for situations. (It’s like a 500 page book and I just said one sentence so don’t get mad if I misrepresented his statements. I’ve only read bits and pieces and talked to people about it here and there.)

I get that. I agree with it, sometimes? Mostly? I also put a big emphasis on the sovereignty of God (because well, He’s GOD) and I do think that sometimes He reveals very specific things to some people. It gets confusing when He does that sometimes and other times we think he should and He doesn’t. I guess the deal is… We seek Him, desire Him, know Him, love Him… then pay attention. If he tells you something specific to do or not do, OBEY. If He doesn’t, OBEY. Do things that seem to match up with who you know He is and how you know He wants you to live. Make choices. Choices you WANT to make… (and as I say the word YOU, I mostly mean ME… but who writes blogs to themselves?) but while continuing to seek Him, desire Him, know Him, and love Him. He’ll shut you down if He needs to. (I’ve experienced it a few times.)

Then today I had my itunes DJ shootin some tunes at me and on came Francis Chan, spewing wisdom from his 2nd book (Forgotten God) and I went to change it because I wanted MUSIC but then his words captured me.

We are scared to make mistakes so we fret over figuring out God’s will. We wonder what living according to His will would actually look and feel like and we are scared to find out. We forget that we were never promised a 20 year plan of action. Instead God promises multiple times in scripture never to leave or forsake us. God wants us to listen to his Spirit on a daily basis… Pray for an open and willing heart, to surrender to the Spirit’s leading.

So there we go. No answers to the problems of life. No voice from heaven or arrows on the ground pointing which way to walk. No 20 year plan. Just me, my Bible, the Holy Spirit, and a whole lot of grace to cover up the many mistakes I’m sure I’m going to make in the process of figuring this life stuff out.


4 thoughts on “arrows on the ground

  1. My brother used to live with that Decision Making and the Will of God guy – it was his mentor professor at college. He loved him.

    I totally agree with your thoughts here. And I have to say that’s how I made the decision to marry Isaac. For a long time he was ready and I wasn’t… and so we just took a lot more time. There were things to struggle through, things to grow in… and then eventually I felt comfortable enough in us and in him to say that yes, this is a wise and good decision, even if it’s not written clearly in the sky as a WORD FROM GOD! :)

    Sometimes I think you have two good paths, both with painful things in them, and you just have to choose.

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