a numbered list

1. My mom has had walking pneumonia and my bro has bronchitis. Fun times at that house right now. I wish I could give them some soup or sit with them and watch the Price is Right (because that was always one of my favorite parts of staying home sick).

2. I spent last night “in the city” at a really nice hotel. Brittany and I have been talking about doing this for a while and it was TIME. We walked in and realized we were high rollers for the night… Then we walked straight for the bathroom to check out the tub and said, “THAT is a beautiful bath tub!”

3. I love that a nice hotel is not much more than a Motel 6 would be if we were in America. (Still, not something I’ll do often… but oh what a nice treat it was!)

3. I have a great appreciation for baths. Some people, named Erin, might disagree but I find them to be extraordinarily lovely… and Brittany agrees. So, the night before as I called to make reservations for the hotel I asked “Does this room have a bath tub?” The answer wasn’t quite solid enough for me and while I was on hold because of another call I asked Brit, “How do you make sure they understand what a bath TUB is?” Because, well… that was half the point of our excursion.

4. Yes. They did understand what a TUB is. They understood quite well. When I came out of the bathroom after taking my first bath in about 8 months, I looked at my friend and said, “THAT was … delicious!” She laughed at my word choice and then went for her turn. :)

5. I may also have bought 40 dvds in the last week. I’m stocking up. :) Oh the joys of living in a land with no copyright laws and very cheap movies. (Don’t judge me. Or maybe you should.)

6. I love journaling and blogging. Today I was reminded of a story and I couldn’t remember all the details. So, I looked back at my blog… and cracked up as it all came back to me.

7. I start back to work next week after 7 weeks off. Do you know how HARD that is going to be??? Sigh.


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