a RICH life

This week two of my favorite people on the planet are getting married to each other. I am delighted – beyond words!!!! I couldn’t be more proud of who they are and how they’ve grown. I consider it a rich rich blessing to have become a part of their story a few years back. And so, as you might imagine, it’s difficult to be on the other side of the world and not with them… (but I must say, I love them even more for the fact that they support me so very well in what I’m doing and where I am…)  And so, this week… I’ve had tears in my eyes a few times.

Tears of joy…

Tears of love…

Tears of “I miss you people so much and living on the other side of the world STINKS!”

Then today… I went to lunch with my friend Angela and then she went with me to the eye doctor. I thanked her for helping me and she said, “Of course! You are my friend! And my Sister!” And she held my hand and walked me home (because that’s what friend/Sisters do here).

And just now, I was thinking about Angela and tears filled my eyes again.


I love Angela. She’s a dear friend and my little Sister. I’m spending the holiday with her family. And someday, if she gets married and I can’t be there… I will feel a little bit like I do missing Lauren’s wedding.

And having friends like that… on BOTH sides of the world…

That’s a RICH life.

And one I don’t deserve.

Dear God,

Thanks for giving me so many people to love and be loved by.

It’s nothing less than wonderful.

But more imporantly…

Thanks for always reminding me how much YOU love me,

in the midst of all of





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