lovely Sunday

A lovely SUNDAY may include the following…

sleeping in

eating cold pizza for breakfast

a cup of Guatemalan coffee (or as some might say kafei)

meeting together with brothers and sisters in a living-room where we read the Word and talk to our Father together

a bowl of yummy soup on a cold afternoon

watching a sermon podcast

listening to the sounds of rain as I sit in my comfy chair with Friends episodes playing on the tv, as I prep for teaching this week

breakfast for dinner: french toast, bacon (strips of ham that come in a package that says bacon), and homemade maple syrup

dinner and a movie with some super great girls

and maybe another cup of coffee

… at least that’s what THIS lovely Sunday included for me!

How about YOU?


2 thoughts on “lovely Sunday

  1. My lovely Sunday included :
    sleeping in

    eating half a bagel instead of cold pizza which is what I REALLY wanted

    dancing & singing loudly with brothers & sisters from Antioch

    watching an Auschwitz documentary & eating too much hot pizza for lunch

    buying a plane ticket to SD for next week

    going to a beautiful wedding (and dancing like crazy)

    coming home to a house full of college girls making cookies and studying.

    life. is. good.

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