Ashley: number 18

I am sure many of you are wondering who the BLESSED person who gets to live with me is. ;) So, I thought I’d introduce her. This is Ashley:

She’s the one with the A.
I’m the one with the S.
Just so there’s no confusion!

Yes, folks. She’s roommate number 18!

We have a lot of fun together. We both stay up entirely too late and we are both pretty chill about most things, and a bit random (or so some may say). We have great talks about life and love and Jesus and … all kinds of important, and not important, things. We’re both glad we were put together as roommates, and I have no doubt our Father had something to do with it!

Before being a Teacher in This Place, Ashley worked as a vet tech in South Carolina. She LOVES animals (and therefore, we are the proud owners of a turtle). She loves Jesus and is growing in her passion for Him all the time. It’s a joy to share this journey with her!

Dear Ashley,

Thanks for being a good person to come home to!



Who wants to be number 19?
It’s a coveted position by many. But not everyone can handle it.


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