what Christmas is all about

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas for a lot of reasons:

1. It’s coming up! So, I’ve been listening to Christmas music and I even saw lots of Christmas decorations while traveling this past weekend!
2. I read this and thought “That kid is SO cool! … Dear God, If I get to have kids some day… Please help me to help them become like this kid!” And it really got me to thinking about what it looks like to REALLY celebrate THE BIRTH OF JESUS.
3. I had a couple girls come to my house tonight. My roommate recently bought a small (seriously… it’s barely 1 foot) Christmas tree and my super mom sent some little ornaments for it. She also sent a small nativity scene. I had my girls help me decorate the tree and set up the nativity. Then we sat down on my couch and opened Matthew and read about Gabriel telling Mary that her world was about to be flipped upside down in ways that I can barely begin to imagine…

I read the story like someone who’s never read it before, because the girls sitting on the couch with me HAD NEVER READ THE STORY. We read in two languages. Well, they did. I asked them questions. They asked me questions. I wanted to cry but I was too busy and too full of love of the moment… and LOVE of this Jesus, Son of the Most High… that was to come! That came. That lived. That loveS. That died. That sacrificed. That rose! That SAVED!

And I thought to myself THIS is what it is ALL about! ALL of it. Anything that is worth anything is about THIS!

This is what CHRISTMAS is all about.

This is what January 8th, July 9th, and October 1st are all about!

This is what MY LIFE is all about.

And if it’s not… when it’s not… Shame on me!

This will be my first Christmas out of the USA… and more significantly, my first Christmas away from my family. And to be honest, I am sad. I wish I could be with my family. I wish I could go to church on Christmas Eve. I wish I could drive through all my favorite Christmas light neighborhoods while drinking Hot Chocolate … I wish I could drink a glass of eggnog with my brothers… and I wish I could complain about having to watch The Christmas Story with that stupid leg lamp, every single year!

But it’s not about those things… and it’s certainly not about big packages with bows on them…

It’s about this story… this TRUTH… of Jesus. It’s about telling people this story. It’s about loving the people HE loves… not only MY family… but the girls who sat on my couch today, and the kids I’ll (hopefully) visit this weekend who have no parents and no place to call their home.

Pray that I remember WHO it’s all about when I miss my family and Christmas lights… and if you’re WITH your family, or you drive by Christmas lights… pray for the girls on my couch today who read this story (we have much more of the story to read and learn)… and pray for those who have still never heard it… and pray for the kids who have no parents… and… PRAY THAT GOD WILL HELP US ALL TO LOVE THEM, THE WAY THAT HE LOVES THEM… and pray that we remember…

This is what CHRISTMAS is all about.

And on that note… watch this…


One thought on “what Christmas is all about

  1. thank you Shanda for sharing this! the video made me tear up WOW
    God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and to all the people over there to the girls, awww I will pray for them and I will remember them I am blessed and the video helped me know what I am going to do when and if I have a family of my own and even if I don’t I will give of what is truly important again thank you so much my friend and sister in Christ


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