a thankful list

Since I missed out on a Thanksgiving Post (and by missed out I mean… I just didn’t do one), I’m going to make up for it with the longest thankful list ever. Read if you wish.

I am thankful for:

  1. numbered lists.
  2. computerized post-it notes.
  3. awesome co-workers who make life fun and interesting.
  4. sweet students who help to make my days delightful.
  5. not so sweet students who make it clear to me that I’m here to be a positive influence for a number of reasons.
  6. a great boss who cares about my life.
  7. a mom who has taught me for 28 years what it means to be humble, to love, and to serve and sacrifice gladly.
  8. the chance I had to be a daddy’s girl for 21 years… some people don’t have a daddy to love them for even a day! I was and am very blessed!
  9. brothers who are helping our mom go through a lifetime of stuff (memories) in storage when I can’t be there.
  10. brothers who make me laugh ALL the time.
  11. brothers who make me proud ALL of the time.
  12. grandparents whose lives exemplify faithfulness in countless ways.
  13. real mission tortillas that I have FINALLY learned how to buy in my “small town” on this side of the planet where no one knows what a tortilla is.
  14. weekend girl trips.
  15. weekend girl trips that happen to also be a celebration of my birthday and include such things as items number 16-28.
  16. starbucks in RED cups.
  17. pizza hut.
  18. a delicious Montana BBQ Burger at Grandma’s Kitchen.
  19. tex-mex (yes, in THIS country) at a place called Peter’s.
  20. clearly, I’m thankful for food.
  21. shopping at Ikea and Decathlon.
  22. a teahouse with fun performances of beautiful local traditions – which include amazing shadow puppets.
  23. Shanda seeing pandas!
  24. reading books in starbucks.
  25. late night girl talk.
  26. the fact that I’m a girl and don’t think it’s weird or uncomfortable to share one huge bed with 3 other girls (apparently guys would NEVER do such a thing).
  27. fun hostels.
  28. friendly people.
  29. people who made me feel special on my birthday by doing items 30-48.
  30. going with me on a trip.
  31. sending me packages (and waiting to send my package AFTER my birthday so that it will last all the way till Christmas… or just because you didn’t make it to the post office, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt).
  32. saying a cheerful “happy birthday!” soon after waking up.
  33. going to the trouble of finding a way to call me on my cell phone after “400” attempts.
  34. leaving me fb wall comments.
  35. leaving me fb wall RHYMES.
  36. sending me fb messages.
  37. sending emails.
  38. sending text messages on my google number.
  39. sending skype messages.
  40. leaving voicemails on my google number.
  41. calling me on my google number when I could talk.
  42. skype calls that kept me up late at night.
  43. purchasing a flock of ducks.
  44. sending me itunes gift cards.
  45. baking me a cake and letting me share it with other friends.
  46. giving me scarves.
  47. making me cards that make me say, “awww…” and make me SMILE SOUND (laugh) loudly.
  48. sending me e-cards.
  49. new friends who are becoming like family to share birthdays and holidays with.
  50. students who laugh at me when I act like a goofball.
  51. milk tea.
  52. coffee.
  53. a roommate whose mom sent me coffee.
  54. scarves.
  55. sweaters.
  56. a heater in my apartment.
  57. a comfortable couch.
  58. a fun and comfy hammock chair.
  59. good books to read.
  60. a kindle that is waiting to come to me in less than 3 weeks.
  61. a boy who told me today “I have another fish to fry so I must leave.” Seriously, who says that? Only people who are learning English as a 2nd language and read it in some book then decided to incorporate it in their daily conversation! …  I kind of love it.
  62. Sharpie pens!
  63. the little boy who chases me down the street now every time he sees me, unless he’s in a grumpy mood and then he just gives me a “leave me alone you crazy white girl” look.
  64. his pregnant mommy, her beautiful smile, and the delicious food she makes at their family’s noodle shop.
  65. the crazy cheap prices of food in my city.
  66. the girl who copies everything I do in class… if I sway she sways… if I sneeze she sneezes. She also not so slyly takes a picture of me with her cell phone every single week. It’s really pretty weird, but she’s harmless – just really awkward – but very sweet; although, sometimes I wonder if she has a website in which she’s showing the world what her foreign teacher wore to class today. Hahahaha.
  67. class clowns. They sometimes disturb the learning environment for others and as a teacher I often have to tell them to knock it off… but secretly, I want to tell them that they make my days gloriously fun.
  68. students who think they can get away with talking on their cell phone in class if they bend down… Oh but I notice!
  69. group work that means I can sit down and not talk for a bit.
  70. good books to read.
  71. free books on the kindle!
  72. possibilities and unknowns.
  73. the ability to risk.
  74. the privilege to love.
  75. the hope of knowing that there are glorious eternal things coming, no matter what today holds or doesn’t hold.
  76. the Bible and the beautiful story it contains.
  77. forgiveness.
  78. TRUTH – whose name is Jesus.
  79. the privilege of being His ambassador.
  80. having things to look forward to!
  81. numbers divisible by 3 and PEOPLE who read this entire list.

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