Thanks for being different than me.

I’ve been thinking about people a lot… how we’re all different, but we’re all the same. It intrigues me to observe the similarities and differences from culture to culture, from family to family, even among siblings in a family. I think we (I) have a natural tendency to sometimes wish that others would “be more like us (me).” But the world would be such a boring place if that were true. We were made to be different for a reason and we fit together to make a beautiful family picture… global picture. This is especially true in the church.

I read this today:

“‘Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus’ (John 11:5). This verse teaches us that Christ loves all who are true Christians. The character of these three people seem to have been somewhat different. Of Martha, we are told in a certain place, that she was ‘anxious and troubled about many things,’ while Mary ‘sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard His word.’ Of Lazarus we are told nothing distinctive at all. Yet all these were loved by the Lord Jesus. They all belonged to His family, and He loved them all.

We must carefully bear in mind in forming our estimate of Christians. We must never forget that there are varieties in character, and that the grace of God does not cast all believers into one and the same mold. Admitting fully that the ‘foundations’ of Christian character are always the same, and that all God’s children repent, believe, are holy, prayerful, and Scripture loving, we must make allowances for wide varieties in their temperaments and habits of mind. We must not undervalue others because they are not exactly like ourselves.”

J.C. Ryle, 1873

It really got me to thinking about my own need to appreciate differences in my brothers and sisters and I realized that sometimes I do it well, and sometimes I do it terribly. I want to do it well all the time. So today, I just want to say:

Thanks for being different than me. I’m sorry that sometimes I find that irritating. The truth is, I need your differences… and you need mine. — It’s like God really knows what he’s doing! ;) — I love being a part of a diverse and global family. It’s really one of my favorite things.


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